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Stretch Ceiling Membrane (New Product!!)


What's New


New product "NICHIA LIGHT CLUSTER" has been released.


Anti-glare louvre parts for V-Wash Series released.
(As optional accessories parts)


Promotion video of V-FLEX linear lighting fixture for ceiling cove is now on Youtube!


V-Slim Dotless has been officially released.
This new product provides Ultra-slim profile of 7.9mm width.


Tunable version of V-Flex(horizontal-bendable)has been launched successfully. In addition to conventional configuration of multiple pre-wired modules, fixture length of 1 meter in a single casing is also available.


After long period of R&D work, new fixture "V-flex" has finally been released. Avoiding electrical connection error or solder crack after bending or twisting, which is very common in the use of conventional flexible PCB, this new fixture incorporates overmolded polymer resin and achieves 180 degree bending and twisting to XYZ directions.


NEW Improved version of wall-wash fixture "V-WASH II" and "V-WASH II RGBW" is now released. V-WASH Series now comes with rotatable mounting clip which allows optimum wall-wash effect in various environments.


New product for back-lighting application "V-WIDE" finally launched. It is equipped with unique optical lens of 165°beam. The perfect solution for back-lighting sources such as lightbox, architectural ceiling and walls.


Production of "Quad-light is officially discontinued. Only CCT 2700K model is available while our stock lasts. For back-lighting application, we will be launching new product "V-WIDE" soon.


Bulk production for new model “DOT-LESS 1-2” fixture has started.
Low profile of H8.8mm and extremely narrow LED pitch of 5.1mm.


1.5W per meter version of V-COVE is now available. For detail spec refer to the latest Catalog and Spec.


Proto sample for new fixture 'Full Colour + Warm' is now ready. Volume production is slated for end-Dec 2016~early-Jan 2017.


New version of CCT tunable linear fitting 'V-TUNE ver.2' is now ready. Colour temperature control range is from 200K to 4000K.