High-Colour-Rendering and 
 ★LUMINOUS Series★ 

Stretch Ceiling

V-WIDE Azlime

For Back-lighting / Stretch ceiling fabric light box application
Standard 4.5W(max)per 1 feet module

Main Features

  • 1. Equipped with unique optical lens of 165 degree beam

  • 2. Wide range of CCT control from 2200k-12000k by 3-circuits/3-Leds of Warm(2200k),Azure and Lime colour

  • 3. Capable of control X.Y.points closer to Black body line and managing both High CRI and High-Efficiency

  • 4. Contains more 480nm wavelength than conventional Led that stimulates Melanopsin ⇒ regulating Circadlan Rhythm in a more efficient manner

Basic Spec

  • DC12V

  • 4.5W/pc

  • Indoor

  • CCT 2200